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Q: Why Hire a Business Broker?

A: Business Brokers can help both parties achieve a successful transaction that is mutually beneficial. They are trained to properly analyze a business, understand its structure & processes, analyze the industry and other variables such as demographics or location, interpret the financials and explain them in easy to understand terms, handle the complicated paperwork required, value the assets both tangible & intangible, negotiate the sales price, market the listing, and to properly present and hopefully sell the business to interested prospects.

Q: Who Pays the Business Broker?

A: That all depends on who they represent. A business broker can receive their compensation from either the buyer, seller, or from both in certain circumstances. You should ask this question before signing any legally binding agreements so that you do not get caught off guard at the closing when fees are due.

Q: How Much Does A Business Broker Cost?

A: Industry average comes in around 10% of the total sales price. There are minimum charges put into place to cover fixed expenses, most ranging from $15,000-$20,000. Although this may seem like a lot to pay at first glance, consider the fact that clients that use a professional to list their business can typically expect to sell it for 30% more and in nearly half the time. When you factor that into the equation, the service effectively pays for itself and then some.

Q: When Does the Business Broker get Paid?

A: Some brokers will ask for an upfront payment, or retainer, as it can cost a fair amount of money to properly market the business listing. This is not uncommon and should not necessarily raise any red flags. However, in certain circumstances you may find that the Business Broker is eager to get the listing or just confident that they can sell it quickly. In those instances, they may even be willing to take the listing on with nothing payable unless, and due only when, the business is sold.

Questions & Answers

Q: Do You Need A License to Sell a Business in Michigan?

A: Unfortunately, the state does not currently require a Business Broker to have any specific license to sell a business, unless real estate is involved. If the business and the property are being sold together, then the broker, and the agent if they are at all involved, need to have their Real Estate Licenses. Being a real estate agent does not in any way qualify someone to help a client sell or buy businesses. Because of the lack of professional oversight in Michigan, it is very important that consumers conduct their own research before hiring a broker. Online reputation is not only very important but it is also easy to check; a simple Google search can reveal a lot about both the brokerage and the owner personally. Numerous complaints or lawsuits appearing in a public record query are never good signs. Check out their membership status at the industries only true professional organization the International Business Brokers Association. Organizations like this help establish a code of ethics that their members need abide by; those that do not belong typically prefer to operate by their own set of rules.

Q: How Long Does it Typically Take to Sell a Business?

A: On average, it takes 9 months to sell a business. Because of this fact, most Business Brokers will require a minimum 6 month listing. Many people do not realize how long of a process it is to sell a business, and most do not have the perseverance it takes to see it through completion. Even after getting an acceptable offer, there are many step involved before the transaction is ready to close. Due diligence alone can kill up to 50% of deals. Without the proper knowledge and expertise on your side it is very unlikely that you will be able to sell your business on your own, let alone in a timely fashion.