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Nurturing Trends In Newly Developing Business Cultures

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In it’s infancy, it is hard to say where things are going at first glance

Human behavior in general is unpredictable, but especially so on a smaller scale or with less time available to accumulate relevant data. There are big business opportunities to be found in newly developing business cultures, but the waters are turbulent and unforgiving. Often times, these cultures begin their “lives” as grassroots movements with an inherent opposition to authority or structure of any kind. They are capable of sniffing out a corporate “hitman” like they have some sort of sixth sense; and they quickly huddle around their resources to block out any chance an outsider may have of infiltrating their newly formed social structure.

Silicon valley has helped to change this type of behavior

This is true to a certain extent and has even helped some of the biggest companies in the world pop into existence seemingly out of nowhere. Without the proper funding, Uber or even Facebook may have never become the titans that they now are today. The individuals running these companies found the perfect way to unite their far reaching visions with a more corporate and down to earth point perspective that attracted the right kind of investors at the right time; effectively allowing them to experience exponential growth. The problem is that when you reach outside this mythical “valley”, not everyone else is infected with the same sort of spirit or hopefull trust. That, and many startup tech companies have been taken advantage as of lately, sending tremors through a tight knit community capable of instantly communicating their angst on a wide scale using various social media platforms.

The true answer to these problems is almost too simple

Resistant as some of these newly developing business cultures may seem to be, they truly do need some outside help. Many lack any real business experience, they may be simply driven forward by a charismatic or creative leader lacking any sort of organizational skills to speak of. Those looking to get involved early on need to make sure they are capable of overcoming the capatilistic propensity to “rape and pillage”; they need to stop acting like parasites and learn to create symbiotic relationships. First off, start by getting some real skin in the game; totally invest yourself. Stop hiding behind a bunch of legal protection or corporate structuring and take on some real risk. Life is just not as fun or exciting if you have nothing to lose; fear has a way of focusing the mind. Beyond that, you need to be willing to roll up your sleeves and prove to everyone that you are willing to get your hands dirty, that you are willing to fight side by side with them on the front lines. Time is always an issue, it is one of the few resources we can not just buy more of, but you need to find a way to overcome its limitations. Even if if you just spend a few days each month at the shop, get in there consistently and sincerely get involved. Turn off the cell phone, don’t just put it on vibrate; there is nothing worse then an investor scurrying away every five minutes to handle an issue at another company. This determination and focus alone will help you to figure everything else out. Just being there 100% and putting in an honest effort is enough to overcome nearly any obstacle, solving problems the neophytes may have been seriously struggling with; issues that could have potentially shut them down.

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