Some of the best absentee owner businesses

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Making money no matter where you are or what you are doing

It is the american dream; to earn a great living without working very hard. We get a ton of interested buyers that are looking for either residual income opportunities or absentee owner businesses to purchase. Since they are in such high demand you may ask yourself, why aren’t there more available on the market? Where do you look to find them? When and if you if you do, which ones are the best to buy?

Identifying the cream of the crop

Any business can technically be an run with an absentee owner, from the simplest to the most complex. It all depends on the staff and management that are put into place. Many buyers assume that they need to be exclusively looking for a self storage facility or a coin operated car wash. These businesses logically fit the bill, but there are still going to be various problems that you are going to have to deal with. For instance, your car wash may require seemingly never ending maintenance or for you to personally collect bags full of quarters so heavy that they cause you to throw out your back. A Great way to spend your Sunday mornings! The point here is that you need to break the business down to its fundamentals; to peak behind the curtains in order to figure out what it is actually going to take in order to keep things running smoothly. Ask yourself what could potentially go wrong and if or when it does, who is going to fix it? For instance, there are many successful investors that swear by their rental properties and the consistent income that they generate. But, to be successful they may be master handymen that are also capable and willing to collect past due rent from tough customers. Or, they have penciled in the cost of a management company upfront to make sure that they can afford it and then suffer the subsequent drag on their profit margins. Determine what type of involvement you want first and foremost and from there you can start to whittle down the list of possibilities.

Now that we have that out of the way

The next choice can be broken down into two basic categories: those that are willing to get their hands dirty and those that want to kick back and enjoy the feeling of sand between their toes. For the former buyers, the possibilities are nearly endless. Only those that fall into the latter category are going to be restrictive; if you are willing to do the work the options are nearly limitless. The absentee owner that wants no involvement in the day to day operations needs to put a trustworthy management staff into place and to then do their best to automate the processes. Technology can be of great assistance here, as you are capable of watching live video feed from anywhere in the world and can even integrate POS systems so that you know exactly where the financials are at. Listed below are a number of popular choices our clients can personally attest to working well for them. Each of these business are unique and require a well executed business plan in order to run properly absentee; we would be happy to discuss these matters further with any interested buyers:

– Self Storage Facilities
– Mobile Home Parks
– Rental Properties
– Vending Machine Routes
– Hotels
– Laundromats
– Putt Putt or Driving Range Golf Courses
– Go Cart Tracks
– Used Book Stores
– Car Washes
– Pizzerias
– Liquor Stores
– Internet Drop Shipping Website
– Gas Stations

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