How The Business Broker Died

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We’ve seen it happen time and time again, with products, companies, inventions, even entire species. The world changes, evolves, connects, yet for one reason or another, some things are left out. Sometimes it’s unintentional, like an isolated species on an uninhabited island that has never had contact with the outside world, until the moment that their world is shattered as they are overrun by it. Sometimes it is on purpose, the old man that refuses to go to the doctor and utilize new healthcare advances, until he faces death by his own stubbornness. This specific kind of extinction is particularly conflicting, the old man brought it upon himself yet we still have pity for him, his family, and the casualties he caused along the way.

Business brokers fall into this last type of extinction. Through a completely unreasonable stubbornness, they are bleeding themselves into oblivion, insisting on completing self-destructive routines that they themselves don’t even understand.

Why would I say this? If I feel so strongly about the industry, the people in the industry, then why join it? And I have joined it, wholly and completely, with both feet in. When that man refuses to help himself, do you let him die? Do you just sit by the sidelines and watch while his ignorant decisions lead to his own detriment? Or do you try and change the situation, convince him that he’s wrong, that there is in fact something better on the other side of that door.

Here I am, standing in the doorway, seeing what is on both sides. On one, there is a world of opportunity. There is the possibility of a network of professionals, that not only provides a very important service in the best interest of their clients, but is also able to provide a glorious boost to the local economy, encourage the dreams of entrepreneurship and help business owners build successful legacies.

And on the other side of the door? Greed, selfishness, and such a corrupted landscape, that any attempt to bring new life is met with scorn, and sabotage, and the irrational stubbornness that accompanies that dying old man. But in this case it’s different. The casualties are much further reaching, with not only the old man suffering, but dreams around him being extinguished, and the business owners that depend on him withering away as he does.

Why? Why is this acceptable? They are called ‘independent brokers’, yet nothing in this world can survive independently. A person cannot survive on their own, nor a family, and not even a species, yet for some reason, many business brokers think that they are the Alpha and the Omega. But not all of them want to stay on the dark side of the door. Many of them want to work with each other, they want to collaborate, and build a network, and grow the local economy like they are more than capable of doing. Those brokers are the reason that I am in this industry. Because as one by one, they cross through the doorway, the new world becomes more beautiful and more sustainable, as the old one fades to dust. And eventually, the old world and those who are in it, are extinguished by the new.

We will read about them in books, showing trainees how the old world used to be, and they will never believe it. How could an industry exist where the people in it wouldn’t cooperate? Where business brokers wouldn’t allow someone to buy a business if they were represented by another broker, how was that even accepted?

“I don’t know” I will tell them. I don’t know.

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