The first step to selling a business? Answering the phone

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With call forwarding, visual voicemail, Google voice, and the million other options now available, it is just mind blowing that there are agents out there whom refuse to answer the phone. When we hear this complaint from clients it is honestly just something that is hard to believe. But it seems like every week we end up running into another one of these offenders; there are even some brokers offices that have no answering service setup, the phone just keeps endlessly ringing and emails go unanswered. Customer service is everything no matter what industry we are talking about, but these are larger sized transactions that we are dealing with. You would think that the agent would want to make sure that they are doing everything within your power to make a customers as comfortable as possible, like answering the phone. Common courtesy and manners alone can go a long way, especially when the competition does not want to put in the effort.

If the problem began and ended here, there would be no need to discuss it at all as eventually these business would end up going out of business. But, for whatever reason, it seems that this has become acceptable behavior in the industry; a certain lackadaisical attitude acting as if it is not important enough to take seriously. Purchasing real estate or a business can be life changing, and it is going to be one of the biggest decisions most people are going to have to make in their entire lives. As a professional, it is a lot of responsibility to handle and letting the inherent implications truly sink in can be daunting. All too often we get lost in abstractions and figures, removing the human element from the equation all together. Some of our best advice for new agents is to keep it as simple as possible to start and to try to treat your clients like they are family members. Yes, family can occasionally get on your nerves and at times even some fights can break out. But regardless of any of that, you are always there for each other no matter what happens and you know that deep down they have your best interest at heart. That attitude alone will help make you a successful business broker in the long term. Having the right support team in place to guide you and to remind you of this philosophy during the rough patches can help you to grow in the right direction and do so very quickly. Ask yourself if you are working with or for an organization that fits this description, or at least comes close to it, because if not you may have some more searching to do.


  1. James Bergman

    It is sad that so many phone calls go unanswered. I mean, I agree with you that answering the phone is a basic of good business. Perhaps the only reason not to pick up the phone is if you are helping a customer in store, or your phone is broken. Either way, you should get back to your customer as soon as possible after. It is just a good business practice.

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