Finding a business that you feel passionate about

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Although it is not the best idea to just blindly follow your heart while ignoring the rest of the world, it can be truly amazing how far passion alone can take you in life. When you walk into a business, say a restaurant for instance, you can immediately feel if you are at an establishment that is sincerely cared for or not. Everything from the food down to the wait staff will radiate the owners enthusiasm, or on the flip side their desperation, as the saying holds true that shit rolls down hill. Keep in mind that it is going to take a whole lot or hard work and long grueling hours in order to make your business successful. Not that it is impossible to grind through even the most painful of situations, but you are not trying to find yourself a new day job as an entrepreneur. You are trying to create your own reality, to find something that you enjoy and that is capable of making you a good living at the same time. Sometimes it can take a while to get over the learning curve and to find your groove so make sure not to give up too early. But if you have past that point by far and can unconsciously perform any duty required of you throughout the day, but are still not able to muster an ounce of enthusiasm, you may have an issue. The good news? You can always sell your business and find something that is a better fit. I know, absolutely crazy right? Something most people don’t even consider, but that is one of the many benefits to owning your own business. You get to make your own decisions, and to be honest you would be surprised how many people do this exact same thing over and over again. They buy a business only to find out that they just can not stand it, so they sell it, try it all over again, and then repeat the process until they get what they want. Those that refuse to let get are the ones that get themselves into truly depressing situations that they can not be saved from. If you do not care about your business it is hard to inspire your staff let alone service your customers properly. Soon you will find that the profits will sharply decline and that the domino’s will continue to topple over until it is difficult to even open the doors anymore. At that point, all that can be salvaged is the discounted financial value of the hard assets, such as the used equipment. That is of course if the creditors don’t lay claim to it all first.

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