Using technology to improve your business processes

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As consultants, businesses end up calling us for assistance for a wide variety of reasons. Our favorites are those that are looking to implement new technology solutions; I guess deep down we are all just a bunch of nerds over here. Beyond that, you can realize the largest growth at the fastest pace by simply updating a few pieces of key equipment. Although the process is not always simple, the results are typically repeatable and consistent. Redesigning a process workflow is intellectually stimulating and success depends on clear cut variables that can be definitively identified. There is no ambiguity when trying to figure out what went wrong and why; no dependency on human factors to a large extent. With that being said, these elements are no more important then any other and you must have a broader perspective when trying to improve a business. The proper training of employees and basic customer service can make or break a company, but they are often more complex and nuanced to address because there are social implications to every change made. Think about it for a second, there are business owners out there that still do not accept credit card payments. There are a ton of businesses that have absolutely no CRM systems in place to manage and follow up with their customers, a lot of them completely dependent on a sales teams performance for all of their revenue! We get comments all the time from people wondering why were are wasting our time with blog posts? Why don’t you focus on “real business”? The short answer is that we are. Google and all the other major search engines place a lot of importance on unique content generation, and god bless you if you want to swim upstream against their wishes. The absolute best part about all of this technology is that everything you do can be tracked and measured so that you are able to continually improve your business and to make changes almost instantly. Then again, what do we know, it may be better to keep making decisions based off of gut feelings or just because that is the way it has always been done.

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