Thinking outside the box when looking for new business opportunities

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If you continue to look the same place as everyone else, then you will never find anything new. But new can be scary and it is often those that are the first to try something that are most likely to fail. Risk is inherent in everything that we do, we just need to decide exactly how much we are willing to take on. Personally, we find those willing to push the boundaries inspiring and as a brokerage we encourage bold entrepreneurs to continue taking chances and working to chart the unknown. In certain instances, a simple change can have drastic consequences and a business owner will find themselves earning unbelievable profit margins with a minimal amount of work. Other times, a great idea just never gains traction and regardless of how much time, energy, or money gets thrown at a problem it continues to persist like some insatiable black hole. Clearly defining a problem is the first step in true business innovation; finding the pain point that people are willing to pay for in order to solve for them. Once that has been identified, you need to come at the problem from multiple angles so that you can figure out the quickest and most stable approach. Brainstorm and do not hold yourself back as it is often those times when we can just let go and truly dive deep into our imaginations that we are able to find the most creative solutions. In saying this we in no way condone sleeping excessively or laziness, by many great thinkers have been able to achieve major breakthroughs through guided imagery and the intentional induction of other dream like states. The key here is to make sure to write them down as soon as they come to mind as they will often be forgotten as you transition back to a more normal state of mind. Once you have a nice set of ideas to work with, you can further analyze them to see which ones are worth investing more thought into. This is the perfect time to take a more analytical approach and decided if they are more likely to remain fantasies or if there is any merit in trying to incorporate them into some actual business plans.

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