There is always more then one way to skin a cat in business

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It is once again Monday, and we have to jump back into the thick of things in order to try and schedule the coming week. What once looked promising is now in shambles, as our best laid plans seem all for naught. But don’t fret, don’t sit around and cry over spilled milk. We have a great new technique here at Equation Capital Group to help out all of our fellow business owners. When brainstorming new ideas, it is no mandatory to let go and see how crazy things can really get. We want you to lose your inhibitions and truly get creative. In the past, this would be directly opposed by the realistic points of view, and from there typically ended in a big conflict. So, instead of going through this type of unpleasant business any further, we have bypassed the entire problem and let the world do all the hard work for us. Build out those prototypical ideas as big as large as you can, adding all of the details that you can think of. Get swept away in the enthusiasm and passion as this alone can be quite healing. From there, move forward with all of your heart behind it, assuming nothing can go wrong. You will sometime thereafter find the peak, the crest at which point the world is going to show you how things are really done. It will feel as if you have hit a wall, or that the air has suddenly turned thick and is hard to move through. But do not fight it, this is just as important as the previous part. From here on out, reality will slowly peal away everything that is not important, or not strong enough to survive. Keep pushing through this part of the process, as unpleasant as it may be. Do not fight it and do not get an attitude about it, just learn to accept it with grace and let go of anything that is shown to have flaws. In the end, you may feel exhausted and emotionally drained, but you will be left with a master piece. From there, you can reevaluate your business plans, and then most likely have to start the entire thing all over again. It can take several iterations before you have an actionable plan together, but once you do there will be no stopping you.

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