Finding the right person build and to lead your sales force

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Interviewing in general can be tough, but when your business is dependent on producing a high volume of sales it seems next to impossible to decided who is going to act as the new manager for a sales team. You want to choose someone that is honest above all else; if they end up lying, cheating, or stealing it does not matter what their numbers are. If you can not trust the individual for any reason whatsoever then take them out of the running immediately. Attitudes and even the subtlest of behaviors can be very contagious and spread like wild fire. If you hire a manager that likes to bend the truth maybe just a little bit, the next thing you know the entire team of 15 agents underneath them are out there doing the exact same thing. Eventually one of them in a moment of desperation or weakness going to end up really screwing up and potentially costing the broker their license, or getting the firm sued. Up next on the list is the applicants drive, because without the proper amount of it the manager will not be able to properly motivate themselves let alone any other people. Sales is a tough profession, and it can be very emotionally draining at times. That is why it is so important to find a leader that you can rely on to provide every one else with some level of stability, because the clients are certainly not going to provide that for anyone. If the applicant can look at a goal or problem objectively, analyze it from multiple perspectives, and then find some amount of joy from trying to overcome it, then they may be worth calling in for a second interview. Lastly, and this sometimes is given to high a priority, they need to be somewhat pleasant to work with. I am not talking about the type of person that is always smiling, singing songs to themselves, and bringing in donuts for everyone to enjoy in the morning. Instead, I am talking about an individual that is at least capable of recognizing how they are “rubbing” people and adjusting their behavior accordingly. They can tell that certain situations dictate that they act in a specific manner in order to facilitate the transaction. At times, they will need to learn to keep their mouths shut, while at others they will need to take command. This all needs to be delivered in a palatable manner as building and leading a sales force requires that you demand their respect while at the same time earning their friendship to a certain extent.

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