It takes 7 days a week to run a business

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It is sometimes nice to take a moment and think back to times when we could look forward to the weekends, or even to a recess break at lunch time. A normal 9 to 5 job can still allow for a little reprieve once that hypothetical bell rings on Friday afternoon; depending on how long your to do list is waiting for you at home of course. But, when you own your own business you are not always going to be afforded such luxuries. Depending on your hours of operation, customers are going to require your assistance each and every day, and at hours that sometimes just seem ridiculous. Even if you enjoy the relaxed work ethic that most  real estate agents or business brokers embrace, you can forget about that weekend get away if you really want to be successful. You need to make yourself available at all times, and to be flexible enough to work around your customers schedule. Each and every sale is important, and if you do not have a tight grip on your closing ratios you can never know what kind of effect even one lost opportunity is going to have on your financials. When dealing with high value transactions, such as in the previously mentioned professions, just one single client meeting can literally make or break your month. Unfortunately, such meetings are going to have to occur every once in a while at 6 pm on Sunday, there is no way around it. But, for arguments sake, lets just say that you are so successful your customers are willing to work within your normal business hours. Problem solved, right? Well, only if you have a very competent manager or partner to trust with the rest of the tasks that need to be completed. With increased success comes a lot of other responsibilities, including future planning, marketing, and a ton of paperwork. If each business existed independently like some sort of sovereign island then the situation would be a lot different. But it is a jungle out there and the competition is very, very hungry. While you are sitting back enjoying a drink and talking about the couple deals that you closed this week, the other guys are in the thick of it at the shop devising a strategy to gain some market share. Successful business owners will learn to accept this fact sooner then later, or end up vanquished by a company that has.

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