Business: A Means to Turn Thoughts into Reality

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We all have had one of those thoughts before; those inspiring ideas that we just know deep down that they could turn into the next million dollar invention or business. Unfortunately, very few of us are capable of making these dreams a reality. Yet, we are each more than capable of making this happen and do so on a certain level each and every day, albeit on an unconscious level. We control these infinitely complex human bodies and all the processes it takes to keep us alive, we perform astounding mental calculations to do things as seemingly simple as catching a ball in midair, and we engage in sophisticated conversations that span multiple levels of complexity both social and emotional. These abilities are all innate, they are gifts interwoven into our very existence as a product of evolution. Recognizing this fact, and then learning to use it to our benefit, is the next step in our progress as a species and within society.

The Difference Between an Endless Dreamer and a True Success Story

The theory goes that the collective unconscious contains each and every thought that has ever existed throughout history, and that it is something accessible to each and every one of us. This serves as the ultimate equalizer as it does not matter if you are a rich or poor; the extent to which you are able to utilize this entity effectively is dependent on internal factors typically unrelated to social status or economic success. Those that are simply able to access it are seen as the endless dreamers, artists, or schizophrenics. The collective unconscious contains information that is far from useful in our everyday lives, as interesting as it may nonetheless be. Those that are able to both access this information and translate it into a useful expression learn to control the very world that we all live in.

The All Mighty Dollar as the Gate Keeper

Some say that money is the root of all evil. When and if a person harbors too much ill intent this is an inevitable truth. Theses people are incapable of imagining a better world for everyone but are instead hell bent on creating a psychopathic fantasyland designed to be 100% self serving, Any power that they acquire is used towards achieving these exact ends. But, there are those that strive to reach beyond our basest desires and to improve the overall human condition. Either goal is achieved using the same process; a thought is turned into reality by using the proper financial resources. If you want to change your “relationship to money”, then do not simply think you can befriend it with some positive feelings and vibes and then all of a sudden it will find its way into your lap. Go ahead and try creating your vision board with all of those shiny things that you want and then see how far it gets you in life. The situation is much more complex than that; even if this ridiculous scheme worked there are others wishing for the exact same thing as you or worse yet for opposing things. Does the world thus turn it into some mystical type of battleground to determine the winner? Step away from the magical thinking and start to use some simple logic instead. Formulate a solid plan that is not only ambitious but also likely to succeed; realistic. Think through the positive aspects to it and then the negative, synthesizing the two into an stabilized and improved form. From there, either seek to acquire the capital necessary or apply it accordingly if already within your possession. Maintaining success from here is the topic of a different article, but this should give you a good framework to get started building your dreams.

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