Many of our clients end up at our door step because they have attempted posting their business for sale online by themselves and failed miserably at it. The phone just wasn’t ringing and even when they got someone to come and take a look in person the whole thing felt more insulting then anything. Even though Craigslist can be a great place to buy a used cell phone on the cheap, it will not always generate the most qualified buyers for your business. So where else are you supposed to find someone interested in buying your business you may ask? Well, that is not a simple question to answer. The problem is not just how to generate leads, each lead needs to then be properly handled and the clock starts ticking the first second the its received. That’s right, you need to contact the prospect immediately each and every time you get that email or notification, no matter what you are doing. It does not matter that you have your employees asking you a million questions and acting like the sky itself is falling or that there are ten customer demanding your attention and making threats. If a person has simply submitted their information online and stated that they may even be the slightest bit interested in your business then you need to stop everything right then and call them. Most companies have a hard time doing this for their own customers, to generate their own profits. When business owners put their own companies up for sale they typically do not perform much better; there are always going to be plenty of reasons why you are going to just get to it later. Take a look at this article for some absolutely horrifying stats on the subject matter. Lets for arguments sake just say that we are dealing with the exception to the rule here, you are on top of your game, capable of tracking every person that shows an interest in buying your business and putting a follow up plan in place that includes a mixture of both phone calls and email marketing campaigns. Now, for the next hurdle that you need to overcome, the dreaded closing ratios! On average, it takes 36 incoming leads to make a single business sale. That average is extrapolated from data reported by PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS BROKERS; unless you can outperform them you better add in an additional 25% to be safe and bring that number up to an astounding 45 leads. This in itself is not an easy task to accomplish, but we are going to stay focused here hypothetically continue on our journey to try and find another good place to post our business listing. There is always BizBuySell, but that is going to cost you a pretty penny, and don’t forget to multiply that by the average of 9 months that it takes for a business to sell. Need this go on any further? I think you get where we are going with all of this by now; marketing your business is complex and a lot more involved then even just paying for an advertisement. The best advice is to continue focusing on what you know well, how to run your own business, and learn to accept the fact that it is either going to cost you a whole lot of time or a considerable amount of money in order to sell your business. You can take that responsibility on yourself, or hire a professional broker to do the job; either way it is going to cost you nearly the same amount in the end. The question then becomes how much time you want it to take, stress you want it to add to your life, and what consequences you want to potentially deal with.