Run, just lean over to tie your shoes tight and book it as fast as you can! Although this may seem like the best option sometimes it may not be considered an appropriate response during business negotiations. There are a lot of people that just can not handle conflict, they avoid it at all costs just like the dentist or giving a public speech. Then there are those that make a living from it, the master negotiators that could convince an Eskimo that they need to buy more ice and at a premium. For the former type of person, since we are assuming that is who is going to be reading an article such as this, there are several highly used tactics that you should be aware of and so that you can then learn how to handle them properly.

This offer is for a limited time only

Oh No, you dont want to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime! If you do not act quickly, you may never have the chance to get a deal like this again. This is a fairly simple tactic that is used quite commonly to get people to make a quick, and often irrational, decision. Don’t get me wrong, it can be very effective if properly used, but be aware it is often a bluff and nothing more. There are certain instances in which a deadline is necessary, such as a purchase order that needs to be completed in a timely fashion in order to keep on a production or transportation schedule. The key is to ask for the facts to substantiate these claims, so that you can logically determine there is actually a good reason to act now. But then, once you have determined that this is a true statement, the power tends to shift. Now you know the other party has to meet a deadline as well, and thus the playing field is leveled a bit more for you.

There are other interested parties

This is one of my favorites because it either works very well or ends up blowing up in someones face. Certain people are very socially influenced and once they here that someone else wants it, that just means it has become all the more valuable instantly. Auctions are a great place to see this very same effect in person as people end up overpaying for items just so that someone else does not win the bid. To effectively neutralize this tactic you can apply the same technique has previously discussed by asking for more details regarding this supposed competition. It may be legitimate, at which point you know that you are going to have to make a firm decision sooner then later. But, more often then not, it is going to be another bluff and you will watch as the other party is caught with their pants down and fumbling for a good response. When this happens, pull back just slightly to feign disinterest and watch as they come back with a better deal almost automatically.

Let me go talk to the manager

It sounds silly, but there are still so many people that use this type of tactic. Personally, if I can not trust my employees enough to make a decision on the spot then I do not want them working for me. But, there are always those control freak bosses or owners that demand they are consulted even if the price changes by a penny so you just never know. A great way to bypass all this kind of song and dance is to stop the other person dead in their tracks right when they start to pull something like this and demand to speak to this authority figure yourself. Take a peak behind the curtain to see who is pulling all of the strings and effectively cut out the middle man. Sometimes you will find that there was absolutely no one even there, which will once again put you in a better position to negotiate from.

I need to ask my other partners first

This can be a difficult one to overcome on the spot as it is typically used as a retreat tactic. They feel like they need to take a step back to regroup and make a better plan and when someone gets that biological “flight” urge kicking it can be hard to stop it no matter what you do. Are there actually any other partners to talk to? Something you should know upfront by doing some simple research if at all possible. Attempt to make them pull out their cell phone and make the call immediately, putting it on speaker so that everyone can be involved. You need to at least try to push a little bit for the close here because this is a good sign that the other party is feeling backed into a corner. If nothing else, you can always revert to the previously discussed tactic regarding time delays by telling them the negotiations are over if an agreement can not be reached now.

Trust me, I am a great guy

A great guy that has two little kids and goes to church every single Sunday. All of this information may be important in a social context, but this is a business negotiation that we are dealing with. Do not let your judgement get clouded with an emotional appeal no matter what you do. It can be overwhelming at times, people have even been known to cry on demand to get what they want. It is something that we learned when we are children, and should be treated accordingly as it is honestly no appropriate in this type of setting. It either means the other person has no emotional control or that they are trying to manipulate you. If they do not possess the necessary discipline, you are once again in a position of power because you are now able to maintain a rational demeanor to get what you want. If they are instead just trying to take advantage of you, then let them know quickly it is not going to work. It is amazing how quickly the waterworks will stop and the wolf hiding underneath the sheep’s clothing will reveal itself. Now, the real negotiations can begin.